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Portal mod – Chronoport

This is a mod for Portal video game.

The action happens in Portal-like settings in some very isolated
place, so that the timeline variations would not influence much the
rest of the world. As a fateful researcher, your task will be to prove
experimentally the existence of time-line variation and to establish
the basic time-line variation rules. In this Mod I would like just to demonstrate the potential of
the idea of time-travel for the first-person shooter/adventure/puzzle
games. Travel in time should create the feeling of more dimensions and
of existence of multiple variations for the same Universe.  The play-time is just 10-15 minutes. But, of
course, after completing the task it is possible to experiment more in
order to discover some phenomena which was not exploited in the
objective of the first episode.


Mod on www.moddb.com

Mod on developer.valvesoftware.com

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